"Open up and awaken to your heart.
Know yourself and see the world in a different light."

Intuitive spiritual guidance for those who could use support on this life journey, insight or suggestions to improve well-being in all areas of life.

Energy Healing

Distance Energy work to bring the body back into harmony and well-being. Liberating stuck emotions, reducing physical symptoms, increasing energy and much more! Find relief and feel better now!

Mayan Dreamspell Readings

Discover your essence. Gain insight and a deeper understanding of who you were born to be and your soul's purpose on this life journey.

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Disclaimer:  All information provided by Healing At The Heart and Lexi Stead are for educational purposes only and are not to be substituted for medical advice from a licensed professional. Lexi Stead is an intuitive guide and channel and Holistic Nutritionist, as such she will often give healing suggestions of a nutritional nature along with emotional well-being guidance. These suggestions are from a spiritual perspective only and can not be taken in place of medical advice from a psychologist, psychiatrist or licensed medical professional. Suggestions are not meant to diagnose, treat or heal, they are simply to bring about a change in perspective. Always consult your doctor before changing your health routine. The way in which the information is received and applied to your life is, of course, your sole responsibility.

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