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"Joy is a state in your heart that makes your love available to everyone."

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Hello!  I'm Lexi Stead

We are born knowing who we are.

We came here to live a joyous life and knew within our hearts we were worth everything this beautiful world had to offer.

As we grew up we adapted to the world around us. 

We learned... fear, anger, disconnect... We started to identify with beliefs that weren't aligned with our truth. 

We dimmed our light. 

We learned to survive rather than thrive.

As we emerged into adulthood most of us completely forgot what it felt like to be in our joy, to be happy, to be healthy....

I've been there. 

For over 10 years I have used my gifts as a mystic, energy healer, and a holistic nutritionist to be a guiding light for those who are ready to come back home to the truth.... that they are healed. 


When we once again listen and live from within, magic happens, our perspective shifts, our reality shifts, and we truly can have the life we always knew in our hearts was possible.

I offer personal sessions utilizing energy work and intuitive guidance to bring your being back into harmony once again.


With Love and Kindness we can heal this world

one person at a time.

Open up and awaken to your heart.
Be your Authentic self and see the world in a different light.

The most powerful shift in our lives
happens when we decide to change our perspective
and embrace a new story.


A Session with Lexi


~energetic support

~guidance from the heart


I take metaphysical topics and bring them


to be easily applied to everyday life.

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Join me for my spiritual musings, connection, and authentic fun!


I love to bridge the metaphysical with our everyday lives, making healing easy and attainable for all.

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