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Lexi Stead
Intuitive Healer Spiritual Teacher

"My dream is for everyone to become more present in their lives,

discovering the peace and stillness within,

embracing their light,

living fully from their hearts.


Healing at the Heart happens when

we recognize and 

acknowledge that by living in our truth, 

we are designed to stay in

perfect health and harmony." 

We are born knowing who we are.

We knew that we were worth everything this beautiful world has to offer.

We knew we were here to share our gifts and talents, shining in our own unique way.

We were aware of our connection to our own beings and the rest of the universe.


As we grew up we adapted to the world around us.

We absorbed the energy of our environment and those closest to us... fear, anger, insecurity... we started to identify with beliefs that weren't aligned with our truth.

When we tried to express ourselves we were ignored, chastised or ridiculed. 

We found it wasn't safe to be our authentic loving trusting selves, so we dimmed our light.

We learned to survive rather than thrive.

As we emerged into adult hood most of us completely forgot what it meant to be in our joy, our radiance, our peace, our child-like playfulness, our innate flow and harmony with all of life...


I am here to be a guiding light for those who are ready

to come back home to themselves.

To show a way where presence and harmony within are an everyday experience.

A way where we follow our intuition and heart's desires above all else.

A way where we engage with and surrender to life, healing ourselves at the core.


When we once again listen and live from within, magic happens, our perspective shifts, our reality shifts, and we truly can have the life we always knew in our hearts was possible.

Open up and awaken to your heart.
Be your Authentic self and see the world in a different light.
The most powerful shift in our lives
happens when we decide to change our perspective
and embrace a new story

I offer different types of personal sessions to help guide you into confidently trusting your own innate wisdom, 

letting go of resistance and surrendering to life,

embracing all parts of yourself,

and how to discover, speak and live in your truth, 

bringing you the lasting relief you have been seeking.

For more information on healing and guidance sessions...

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Have you checked out my YouTube channel?  

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I have a wide variety of videos from metaphysical topics to common everyday struggles, to help us shift our perspective to one that is more in alignment with our truth. Gain suggestions for finding relief now!

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Intuitive Healing Services

Personal Guidance

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I love to write

I take metaphysical topics and bring them down-to-earth

to be easily applied to everyday life.

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Join me for my spiritual musings, videos and a bunch of authentic fun!

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