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Everything in our life is happening for us...
Not to us

Our biggest struggle in life is not with the situations we find ourselves in. It is with the meaning we give those situations.

Our perception of what is going on can either limit us or help us become more expansive. If what you believe about your life doesn't feel good to you, then it is time to embrace a new story.

It is a spiritual truth that everything, even what we don't like, is happening for us, and not to us.  

We may not be aware of the bigger picture, but we hold in our own hearts the answers to feeling better right here and right NOW.

Most of us have been conditioned out of our truth, out of following our hearts desires. We no longer trust in our intuition, our inner wisdom, but search outside of ourselves for answers to feeling better within. We were taught that uncomfortable emotions like fear and anger were dangerous and must be steamrolled or avoided at all costs. We were taught that life is just a series of random events, which we have no control over...yet we must work hard, fix our endless list of problems, and strive to be prepared, always focusing on the future, trying to prevent something bad from happening.

How does that feel? Pretty stressful? Burdensome?

This is your first clue to discovering your truths and connecting to your intuition...Paying attention to how you feel.

If what you believe feels bad, limiting, stagnant, then it isn't true for you at all. Your inner guidance is never hiding from you, we have just gotten really good at ignoring it. We have gotten really good at squashing how we truly feel the instant it doesn't line up with our goals, cultural rules and conditioning. Most of us aren't even aware we are doing it. As kids we go to school and are taught how to motivate, push ourselves, and swallow bitter pills all with the empty promise of feeling better later, but we are educated adults now and most of us still haven't found our joy....our freedom. 

It's okay. Everything is okay. 

It is time to allow your truth to be your guide.

We live in an intentional universe

We were brought up to believe we live in a chaotic universe.

We actually live in an intentional universe that is expansive and limitless, always saying yes to every thought, desire and

intention we put forth.

What is the difference? We all live in the same world right? It all depends on our perception of our reality.

Here are some examples of the thoughts and beliefs of a chaotic vs intentional universe:

Chaotic Universe

~Random events happen

~Plan and prepare now to feel better later

~You must work really hard to earn the reward

~You need motivation to push past what you don't like

~You must constantly prove your worth

~There are problems that need to be solved

~You are responsible for others reactions and feelings

~You need to be smart and use logic above intuition

~You need to be "on top" of everything, managing

~Put others before yourself

~If YOU don't do it, it won't get done

~Never give up... fight against what you don't like

~Contrast is to be avoided because it is dangerous              and painful....keep it at bay so you don't have to deal      with it

Intentional Universe

~Everything in life is happening for you

~YOU direct your reality

~Your emotions guide you to stay in your alignment

~Give up and surrender often and let the universe help    you

~Embrace what you don't like and allow it to move out   of your reality

~Line up first with what you want, then take inspired     action

~Contrast gives you the opportunity to release what       doesn't serve you and make a new choice

We were born with the only tool we ever really need to thrive.... our intuition.

How can we become more aware of this intuition and follow it powerfully?  Living from the present moment.

One of the biggest myths in our culture is that we have to take physical action to fix the situations we don't like to be able to feel better.

That simply isn't true.

All the power is in the present moment, where you can connect with your inner wisdom and follow it to your highest and greatest good. By telling yourself you have to do something before you can feel better, you are putting your freedom and well-being into the future, delaying it. Aren't you tired of waiting? You can choose to feel better right here and right now. 

Envision how you want to feel now. Imagine how you want to feel in a particular situation, not the details of the situation itself, but just the feeling. Imagine what your life would look like if you felt this way all the time. 

Line up with how you want to feel first and then inspired action will come. 


We are energetic beings with physical bodies, meaning everything is created from our emotional state (vibration) first. Our physical bodies and lives reflect how we feel about ourselves and what kind of thoughts we are putting most of our focus on.

This is why it is so important to put our focus on how we want to feel instead of constantly reacting to what is.


All of our emotions, including the uncomfortable ones, are meant to be messengers not passengers. They are an important part of our guidance system.

Fear is there to tell us we are moving away from our alignment.

Anger is there to let us know that what we are thinking is not our truth.

Sadness is there to let us know that it is time to release and recharge.

Joy is there to let us know we are fully expressing our authentic selves.


When we add resistance to our lives, to these emotions, we find ourselves moving away from our joy into stress and dis-ease. Our natural state is playful, loving, joyful and healthy. Living in constant fear, anxiety and anger no matter how big or small takes a tremendous amount of energy to keep us out of our natural state. Eventually it takes a toll physically, starting with draining our energy and finally manifesting as illness. I truly believe illness is only there to shine light where healing is needed.

One of the most powerful questions we can ask

when faced with challenges is not "Why?" but

"How is this helping me?"

It was through my own health challenges and emotional turmoil that I discovered the magic of following my own heart, finding my way back to my authentic self and to lasting health and joy.  

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