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"We are more powerful than we have ever been led to believe"

A Session with
All sessions are offered over Zoom video call. 


1 hour


To schedule a session Click Here


(Yes, you can use your session time for your children or pets. They do not have to be present on the call.)

Each session is unique and directed by your consciousness

No preparation is necessary for an appointment.

You can simply show up and give yourself the space to allow healing to take place.


~You can bring questions to gain a new perspective

~We can focus energy clearing work on specific issues

Let go of expectations and bring an openness and willingness to believe you can heal yourself!

Energy clearing is a wonderful tool to help the physical/emotional/spiritual body let go of resistance and bring in more harmony and balance. 

Sometimes this is all that is needed for healing.

Most of the time there needs to be a shift in perspective, beliefs and lifestyle to maintain a high vibration long-term.

We are so powerful. We can heal ourselves or create our own pain and suffering by allowing ourselves to practice low vibration emotions of fear, anger, grief, etc. 

If we don't change the way we live our lives, by being kind to ourselves in every way, we can recreate the symptoms we healed.

I bring guidance and practices into sessions to help facilitate this shift within. I will show you how to heal yourself and come back to knowing your own power.

Every session is unique so these are simply possibilities,
not guarantees.

**Improve your over all sense of well-being

**Feel lighter, freer!

**Increase your vital energy

**Strengthen your immune system

**Reduce inflammation and symptoms from chronic illness

**Release emotions, patterns and beliefs behind physical symptoms

**Clear energy signatures of harmful pathogens and environmental toxins

**Release allergies and sensitivities to food and the environment

**Learn how to let go of stress

**Liberate stuck and low-vibration emotions

**Learn how to develop a clearer connection with yourself

**Clear incoherent energies from past lives, trauma, ancestry, cellular memory,                       genetics and more...

**Gain insight as to what created the disharmony in your life/body and a new perspective     on how to turn that around so you can feel better now! 

A safe space where you are heard, honored and loved for who you truly are.

How can a session help me?

Truthfully, personal sessions are all unique and a bit hard to describe. 

You simply have to experience one to know.


We can have an authentic expansive conversation and/or I facilitate some energy clearing to help release blocks/resistance/emotions that are causing issues in your life.

Energy Healing

I start by connecting to see what your consciousness is bringing forth to heal.

I can see in my minds eye or feel what is needed.

As well as clearing incoherent energy patterns,

I can download coherent patterns/beliefs to replace them.

My energy work is done on the light body, where the incoherence in your energy field resides and then influences the physical.

Working on the light body, where we are all connected by the same consciousness, is also how I am able to do an energy healing session over any distance and time.

There truly is no separation on the energetic level.

I am often guided to share techniques that will help you learn to heal yourself!

A Conversation with Lexi

I create a safe space of unconditional love, so we may have a heart to heart conversation. Vulnerability is honored and all questions/topics are welcomed. 

I give a shift in perspective that brings you back into alignment with the truth of who you are, so you can find relief and know how to create a happier life.

What is a session like?

There are many ways one's light is dimmed and your energy field becomes incoherent with your true nature. Here are some...

** Experiencing trauma. This can be physical, emotional, mental, but can also simply be        conditioning from childhood where you weren't allowed to express your authentic self        and live your life from your truth. Separating ourselves from our self-worth and

     self-love can be one of the biggest collective traumas we all face.

** Identifying with beliefs and patterns that aren't ours. Again childhood conditioning.

** Generational trauma and ancestral patterns that haven't been broken and healed.

** Not getting unconditional love and nurturing from our parents.

** Sometimes we bring past life energies with us that weren't fully healed so we have               the opportunity to finally release them.

** Not being kind to ourselves and others with our thoughts (internal dialogue)                        and actions. Our bodies hear and respond to everything we say to ourselves, even if it is      an unconscious belief. Awareness is the first step.

** Every time we decide to hold onto emotions instead of expressing them, we store                 them in our bodies where they cause disharmony in our energy field and then                     eventually physical dis-ease. Emotions are meant to be messengers, not passengers.

** Practicing low vibration emotions like fear, anger, shame, grief, etc... this also goes for        the environment you expose yourself to. If you are in the habit of watching the news or      "crappy reality TV" you will bring your vibration right back down and cause                          incoherence in your energy field again. Same if you hang out with people who are not          supportive, loving, and kind to you and others. Part of maintaining your energy and            self-love is being discerning with what you are exposing yourself to.

How did my energy field become out of balance?  

Results from energy work vary greatly depending on the individual and their level of awareness and resistance to healing (this can simply be a belief that they can not heal... which we can work on!).


Some feel sleepy, relaxed, or peaceful, some feel energized, and others don't have noticeable changes right away. It is common as I facilitate the release of emotional blocks that one might suddenly feel the emotions coming up or have a somatic experience. If you have a chronic condition it may take several sessions to notice a change in symptoms as we work on layers over time. Healing is an upward spiral where often one has to revisit the same issue multiple times to uncover the root. As with any energy work there are no guarantees.... our souls have a plan that unfolds perfectly in our own time.


"I'm so thankful there are people like you I can call. My son's behavior has been night and day since his session. This morning he woke up calm and got ready for school without any fighting. I can't remember the last time there was peace in the house. I can't stop crying tears of relief. You have no idea how much you have helped."

Lexi's Heart blank.png

"Lexi helped me with my chronic allergies. Ever since I moved into my new house I have had episodes of hay fever a few times a year. She identified it as a mold that grows in the fields near my house. Whenever harvest time comes the mold was in the air causing my hay fever. During this last episode she cleared the reaction I was having and my symptoms dramatically reduced the next day. Before i would have weeks of suffering and couldn't do much with my itchy eyes. I admit I wasn't sure about energy clearing and was just trying it for my wife, but this really works!! I'll be sure to call if anything pops up again."

Lexi's Heart blank.png

"I had an email session with Lexi when my back went out and my doctors couldn't do anymore for me. I have had back issues since I was a teenager and had just been managing it with chiropractors and exercise, but it would still go out leaving me unable to take care of my son. Lexi put the vertebrae back in (energetically) and calmed down the inflammation. The next day I was able to get out of bed and play with my son. She also was able to tell me the past life that was triggering my back. It made so much sense and I kept crying deep sobs as I read her email over and over. Her vision felt so right and now I know where I need to do more healing on myself. Thank you so much Lexi! I can't wait to have another session."

Lexi's Heart blank.png

"Truly amazing gift you have. I have had several sessions with Lexi and each one is amazing. She just seems to know what needs to be cleared to feel better. She has helped reduce my chronic allergies and allowed me to breathe much easier. This is the first spring that I haven't had to use an inhaler and I can spend more time outside without coughing. I got to go to my grandson's football game for the first time!!! She also connected my allergies and joint pain to being the caretaker of my family and putting myself last. She not only helps you heal now, but also can tell you what beliefs you need to let go of to stay well. I am going to do what she suggests and start playing my guitar again. I highly recommend a session with Lexi!"

Lexi's Heart blank.png

"I got way more in my session with Lexi than I expected. She was able to ground me back into my body and give me suggestions to help me stay there. I love the grounding mediation and use it every morning....When I was a kid I remember hating my body for having so many back issues. I always wanted to escape my body. My ribs constantly pop out and it is so painful. Lexi helped me understand why this was happening and how it was connected to a past life of being a trapeze artist. It makes so much sense why I can't even look at someone on the trapeze without having panic attacks. I see my body in a whole new way now and will work on loving it more."

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