• Lexi Stead

Does Positive Thinking = Happiness?

I was discussing with a friend this morning on how the idea of thinking positive thoughts to find happiness can be taken to an extreme and actually cause harm.

I heard another person talking about how her body is chronically ill and falling apart yet she couldn't figure out why because she is positive and happy all the time. She kept saying everything in her life is "hippity-skippity" and she feels "bouncy-bubbly" all the time.

Long story short her career is being a wellness coach and motivational speaker. She finally understood how she had trained herself so well with the new age dogma that you need to think positive about every situation all the time. She teaches others to stop their "negative" emotions and only repeat positive mantras. She was hiding any discomfort in her life with the words "hippity-skippity". She then expressed that she couldn't allow any anger or fear to come up because she doesn't want any clients to think she doesn't have it together all the time. Hence she stopped the natural flow of emotion and the natural flow of life. Her body was literally dying and falling apart and the doctors couldn't stop it. Now she has the task of learning how to actually feel and allow all emotion.

Emotion is energy in motion. Energy and emotions like to be in motion and move through us, not stay with us. Our emotions are our guidance system. There really aren't good or bad emotions, just uncomfortable and comfortable ones. If we can be willing to allow all the uncomfortable stuff to come to the surface and move out through us then we create a flow that will allow all the joy to enter our lives as well.

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