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Mayan Dreamspell
Intuitive Oracle Readings

"Awaken to your truth and let your light shine"

The beauty of the Mayan Dreamspell Astrology is that it gives you insight into who you came here to be from a spiritual perspective and what gifts you brought to share with the world. With me as your intuitive guide on this journey, I take the information from your birth chart and guide you in how to apply this to your life in the present day, so you can step out of the everyday struggle and into harmony with life.


These readings are all positive with many rich layers. Even though we have challenges in life nothing is truly negative as we all have free will to choose the perspective that is in alignment with our truth. The Mayan Dreamspell gives us a beautiful way to look at these life challenges and how we can move through them with more ease and harmony.


This is a fun enlightening experience that most say give them a sense of affirmation and unconditional love on a whole new level.

The level of truly being seen for who you are.

Discover your truth, connect back to your natural expression 

 and create the life you were born to live!


On Sabbatical Until January 2023

Mayan Essence
Birth Chart Reading

Remember your essence with your birth chart reading.

Awaken to your path and consciously navigate this journey with more harmony, passion and purpose.

~learn your core energy archetype and awaken to who you truly are

~discover the unique gifts you brought into this lifetime and how you wanted to impact the world

~we talk about the energies that challenge and support you and how you can work with them to create ease, harmony and powerful growth in your life.

~we will touch on your wavespell of birth (your soul's mission)

1 hour ~ $95

(phone call or video chat)

In your birthday month Mayan Essence readings are half off!!!

To Schedule a Session Send an email to:

Requesting a Mayan Essence- Birth Chart Reading

(please include your date of birth and a few days and times you are available)

 **I will send you a payment link after we schedule your reading

Wavespell Journey
Your Soul's Mission

A journey into your soul's mission.

Your wavespell of birth is a deeper dive into the 13 day cycle you were born into. This reading speaks to your soul's mission and how you wanted to have the most impact on your own growth and humanity. Discover the 13 different energies and ways to harmonize with them to create the life you always wanted.

Live with peace in the truth of who you are!

1 hour ~ $95

(phone call or video chat)

**A Mayan Essence Reading is recommended first to gain an understanding of your core energies, but not required**

To Schedule a Session Send an email to:

Requesting a Wavespell Journey

(please include your date of birth and a few days and times you are available)

 **I will send you a payment link after we schedule your reading

Relationship Reading

The relationship reading is for those that want a deeper understanding of a relationship and are ready to see each other in a whole new light.

~Learn about the other person's core energies, who are they really?

~Discover the higher meaning of the relationship on a soul level and how you came      here to grow and serve each other.

~Learn how to best support one another when challenges arise and how to shift our     perspective to one that is more empowering for the highest of all.

~Expect to feel a deeper connection and ease with this person


This can be for any relationship (couples, family, siblings, co-workers).

Not all people in the relationship need to be present for the reading, but often magic unfolds when we can all join together.

1 hour 30 minutes ~ $115

(phone call or video chat)

**A Mayan Essence Reading is recommended first to gain an understanding of your core energies, but not required**

To Schedule a Session Send an email to:

Requesting A Relationship Reading

(please include your date of birth and a few days and times you are available)

 **I will send you a payment link after we schedule your reading

Simple Reading

Audio Recording Only

For those who have already had a Mayan Essence Birth Chart Reading and want more....

A simple mini reading is a new reading every 13 days!!

In this Simple Reading you will gain insight into the energies for the current wavespell(13 day cycle) and how they influence your life from the perspective of your soul (uses your unique birthdate and chart). 

~feeling stuck, struggling or just challenged lately? I intuitively guide you in                        understanding the current energies and how they may be influencing you.   

~discover the gift of this current cycle and how to use it for your own growth 

~empower yourself with a new perspective and direction for the week ahead

If you desire a Simple Reading without having to schedule a session... this is for YOU!

I make an audio file of your reading that you can listen to anywhere you want, in your own time.


Send an email to:

Requesting a Simple Reading

(please include your date of birth) 

 **I will send you a payment link

Lexi's Heart blank.png
~ Praise ~

"The tears keep flowing every time I think about my reading. I finally see how beautiful I am and understand why I have struggled to see my beauty and my gifts my whole life. I have a completely different perspective now and my life makes so much more sense. Thank you for sharing with me and bringing light to my life once again."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~M.K.

"The relationship reading opened my eyes to my husband and I's struggles in a whole new way. The whole reading was full of more information than I could have imagined. I'm going to have to go back and listen to the recording a few times to remember it all! I now see where we can improve our communication and HOW!!! It makes so much more sense that we express in different ways. I am now more understanding of this and am not so hard on him or myself. Thank you so much for helping us. You have a gift that will help many."


"Today was such a blessing and so in divine timing and alignment to meet Lexi!! I was gifted with a Mayan Dreamspell Wavespell Reading with her which was exactly what I was needing to receive to confirm so many things about my entire life and where I am at this moment and heading!! It allowed my life to make so much more sense... 

The reading allowed me to look back at certain times or aspects of my life when I was in alignment with my soul's purpose and medicine and to compare it to times when it hasn't been. I was brought to tears, tingles, chills and hot flashes as I heard her words which I went out to connect with Mother Earth after our session to integrate all this new awareness and confirmation. It was amazing meeting you Lexi, you have such a beautiful essence, presence and energy that is expanding and helping humanity in profound ways !! Keep on shining dear knowing you are expanding and evolving each and every person you grace your presence with.
I highly recommend Lexi and her Mayan readings to anyone that resonates with it and wants to learn more!! You will be amazed at what she can tell you about your life and you :) Many blessings to you dear one" 

~ Sarah Otis

"Absolutely blown away by the Mayan Dreamspell Birth Chart Reading session I had with Ms. Lexi! I hadn't even in my wildest dreams imagined that I'd get the confirmation and sign I had been asking the Universe for in a way like this, altogether at one go! Mayan astrology was something I had wanted to explore the first time I read about it, and when she started explaining to me what the reading was going to be about in simple detail, I kept feeling as if this was a life-changing moment for me. I had goosebumps throughout at the accuracy of the information she conveyed and felt like dissolving into happy tears and jumping at the end of each sentence saying,"Yes! Exactly!" I loved my conversation with her, the answers I received from her were ones that I have always known and believed, but seemed to have lost along the way. Everything has started making so much sense now, why things happened the way they did, my relationships and my soul plan/life purpose.! She helped me look at how easily I could look at things I was worrying my head about and I had such clarity set in during the session and our conversation, that I slept absolutely content knowing that things are always working out perfectly, without any stress and woke up feeling fantastic and revitalised.
Adore you! Thank you so much, I'm really looking forward to more sessions with you in the future and highly recommend them to friends too!"

~Vyoma Vutta

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