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A Conversation with Lexi
Intuitive Spiritual Guidance
For All Areas of Your Life

A Conversation with Lexi is an expansive heart-to-heart conversation where you gain guidance and suggestions for shifting your perspective in any area of your life, to one that is more in alignment with the truth of who you are, leading you to the relief you are seeking.

Ask your questions, any questions or struggles you have, receive some insight and 

Feel better now!

It is time to let go of the fear, insecurity, illnesses, habits and beliefs that no longer serve you and I can show you how!

* Build the confidence you are seeking in following your own intuition.

* Learn how to navigate contrast and uncomfortable emotions with ease.

* Reconnect with your inner light and the unconditional love that you are.

* Gain the peace of knowing that you are okay no matter what happens in your life.

* Become more aware of your truth as you leave behind the beliefs and personas that no                longer serve you. 

* Discover what it means to drop resistance, surrender to life and live in the state of allowing,      our innate way of being.

* Know this world we live in as an intentional, abundant, expansive universe where everything    we ever desire is already there waiting for us to allow it in.

I offer a new perspective that leaves behind all we were conditioned to believe and leads us deep within our hearts to embrace the person we were born to be.

Remember your essence and live a life of joy, well-being and freedom.

We are supposed to be here for the fun of it, not to struggle!

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My Style of Guidance...

I use my life experiences, connection to the metaphysical world, and my own innate wisdom to intuitively guide people into their hearts, holding a space for them to remember who they are, and discover their path to well-being.


**In February 2023 these sessions will be offered as part of my energy healing sessions.

~Praise ~

"The most beautiful gift that Lexi gives is the awareness to allow... Allow life to happen through you and get healed... Fall in alignment with life in such a way that you get healed... This is the most beautiful gift that Lexi reinforced in me...

And this has made life so wonderfully easy... We stop fighting with ourselves and start to love ourselves in the process and start to trust life... And this is a phenomenal awareness to come to someone..."      

"Lexi hones in on how our bodies respond to our thoughts and beliefs. How we can look at change, fear, anxiety, illness and to listen to our intuition to move into a better life. Resistance vs acceptance. Her videos specifically have resonated with me in many aspects. I recommend her facebook page and her non-judgemental and safe way of allowing us to open our minds and hearts to healing."

"So pleased to know that your special skills and life experience is being used to help others. You are a blessing, and you will be helping others greatly for a long time to come - this I know. Your dedication to forward progress has been inspiring to observe. Your guidance is so 'spot on' and steeped in love and a desire to see everyone reach their highest potential. Go see Lexi everybody! It's a real treat, and you're worth it and so is she!"

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