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  • Lexi Stead

Empowering Dream

Ever had a weird creepy dream that left you feeling extremely empowered and you woke up feeling like a different person? I'm going to share mine from last night. When I interpret a dream I see everyone in my dream as an an aspect of myself. I was in an old house with a terrorizing storm outside. There were negative energies all descending on the house breaking windows to get inside. I was standing still, watching a broken, beaten down woman run through the house stumbling and running into the walls exhausted from trying to get away from it all. She fell at my feet and said she was done and ready to leave the house. She asked me if I would be willing to let her go.

Then she said "I hope you are not afraid of blood." (Strange to me I didn't have any emotional attachment to the event at all, as scary as it seemed to be).

I told her I had been waiting for her all along to just give in and let go. She took her finger nail and cut open her mouth (which yes it was pretty gory) from which the most brilliant white swan with violet and blue crystals encrusted all over it emerged. It was so blinding brilliant that I wanted to hold it and stare at it and never take my hands off it. Instead though I knew I had to bring it inside me. The swan sensing this desire dove into my mouth. I did have this brief moment of panic knowing this was it and I couldn't separate myself from this brilliant light ever again. There was also the thought that I was going to choke and die because how could a swan glide down my throat and how could I breathe? I remember consciously telling myself to relax and that I didn't really need to breathe, breath was an illusion for a physical body, not what was going to sustain me. It was a very interesting sensation feeling the swan expand my throat and fill up my entire body. When we were blended as one I saw all the dark energies of the house all around me still closing in. I just said good bye knowing they could never come close to me again. A white glowing door appeared and with this serene, powerful whole confidence I opened the door and ascended up to the light. I woke up crying it just felt so good. I didn't sleep much last night so I checked the clock to see how long I had been sleeping and was surprised to find I had only been asleep for 7 minutes. It seemed as if the dream took the whole night. Very neat.

Love & Light,


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