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  • Lexi Stead

Tears Are Beautiful

Don't be afraid of your tears dear ones. Tears are cleansing, releasing and show that you feel deeply. I'm not sure how or why we have become so afraid of our own tears. Often when I speak from my heart my eyes well up with tears, just because I feel deep emotion, not because I am upset or something is wrong. In psychiatry tears are considered a symptom of mental illness or depression, but then again depression isn't really an illness, but a symptom itself of suppressing great emotion or trauma.

We've become so uncomfortable with tears that many even tell children not to cry or be sad. Telling someone not to cry or be sad is in good meaning by most adults, but what they are really saying is "When you cry it makes me uncomfortable because I don't want to feel my emotions. Stop crying, stop feeling your emotion, so I will feel better and my emotions will not be triggered." Thus, we learn from an early age that it is not acceptable to express our feelings.

Tears are healing. Next time you feel those tears welling up allow them to come forth. It may be in your room, it may be at work, it may be in public. My eyes teared up in art class last week! When you allow yourself to feel, you give others permission to feel. I know it may seem at first like there is so much overwhelming emotion you might get lost in it and cry forever. I remember that feeling. I promise you won't. Be willing to feel them full on, be willing to get lost in the emotion and give up the control. It may come on strong, but it is always temporary, even if you cry for 3 days straight, there is still an end. It is a beautiful thing, not something to apologize for.

Likewise, if someone near you is tearing up there is no need to try and comfort them, unless that feels good to do. There is no need to try to make their tears go away as quickly as possible. Simply be with them. Hold the space for them to release. Sometimes when loved ones around me open up and start crying I don't say anything I simply touch them or hold them.

Tears are beautiful.

Love & Light,


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