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  • Lexi Stead

Behavior or Belief?

I'm having some contrast with being a nutritionist and everything I am expected to stand behind no matter what my intuition is telling me. Mostly this was brought about by the nutritionist school I am working with. They really think you need to eat an organic whole foods plant based diet and take supplements for your body to heal completely. For some people that is the way that feels best to them so that is absolutely what they should do.

I have first hand experience that eating the "right" things and buying hundreds of dollars of supplements is not the whole picture to healing. The emotional aspect can completely change the effect the organic food and supplement has on you. If you are angry and resentful at any aspect of changing your diet then that vibration can cause the food to harm you, perhaps you might develop food allergies. You need to line up with your inner being so you then are drawn to the foods and lifestyle that is most beneficial for you, that can happen in many ways and maybe changing diet is one of those ways.

Our scientists and researchers look at behavior as effecting outcome when really it is belief that effects outcome. If it was behavior that effected outcome then everyone who exercised and ate a plant-based diet would easily lose weight or everyone that smoked would get lung cancer, based on the results that researchers say are so. If behavior effected outcome than there would be one protocol for a specific health condition and if everyone followed it they would heal, we know that is far from the truth. Our world isn't quite ready to listen. It isn't widely recognized and accepted yet that the larger part of our reality is that individual beliefs and emotions have more effect on individual health than anything else.

Love & Light,


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