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  • Lexi Stead

FEAR and vaccinations

I have been laying low on face book the past couple of weeks as I have been finding myself sucked into a negative yucky vibration with all the fear that is being thrown back and forth over various health topics. The one that I keep getting asked my opinion on is the measles vaccine. I really have a hard time with this topic since it seems to bring out the worst in people. I certainly don't want to add to any negativity. I did however feel that maybe instead of trying to avoid everyone on the planet right now I can shed some of my light on it. This is MY OPINION observing from where I stand.

I get it, everyone is in fear. Fear of the diseases or fear of the vaccines. Fear is the worst vibration to be in when you are making important decisions, yet that is where most people are. What are we all really afraid of? Our kids dying? or being permanently injured in some way? If that is what we are really afraid of then guess what? life is unpredictable, except for one thing, we all die when it is our time to go, it is unavoidable. We as parents are probably more afraid of how others will judge us if our kid is the one that gets sick, than them having the disease its self. Well I'm not for or against vaccines. I'm for everyone doing what feels in alignment with their greatest good. It is probably far more likely my kids will get injured or killed in a car accident or falling out of the trees they climb daily or from drowning. I believe more people in America have died of the flu recently than from the measles.

I originally made the decision 8 years ago not to vaccinate my kids because I was afraid the vaccines might do irreversible damage and they would have to live with some incurable disability. That decision reflected my view on life and how much fear I was in within my own life. At the time I had a raging autoimmune disease that I felt I was suffering from and I really thought that I had to be healthy to be happy so I wanted to spare my kids from having the possibility of a vaccine triggering an autoimmune disease in them. Ironically I have never been vaccinated and still developed the autoimmune disease. Now eight years later I have worked through enough of my own fears to realize that you can be happy whether or not your body functions normally, whether or not you are permanently ill or "damaged".

I don't fear illness anymore because from it can come amazing opportunities to grow and gain strength of self and learn self love on a deeper level than if you had no life challenges. I feel that everything is meant to happen for your highest and greatest good, even if we don't understand it at the time and everyone will die at exactly the right time for them. This knowing helped me put down the fear and see that those that are so loudly pro-vaccine and no other way are in just as much fear as those that are anti-vaccine and no other way. I try to see under the fear and see the love that everyone is and that all anyone really wants is wellness. I take action when I feel inspired to do so, not because I'm in fear but because the action feels really good to me. If next week I suddenly feel really good about vaccinating my kids then I will do so because I believe anything done out of love is a good thing.

Love & Light,


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