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  • Lexi Stead

Myself & Social Media

Last weekend I took a 3 day break off social media, actually all electronic distractions. It was heavenly and I connected to a deep inner peace. I learned somethings about myself and my business and what I want and don't want in my life. Very excited to have a clearer vision with new ideas to play and create.

As I got back on Facebook this week my news feed was filled up with healers and intuitive coaches pushing their programs and offering services for "clearing blocks" or "releasing fears" or various healings that you NEED to have to move forward with your life. I started to feel this heaviness that had driven me to take the FB break in the first place. I wondered why I was having such a strong reaction to these posts that had nothing to do with me personally.

~~~ Let me be clear, I have nothing against these posts as most of these people are lovely and do amazing work. I myself have felt called to work with healers at various stages of my journey, and they were very helpful. I love my light worker friends💜~~

I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that a lot of these posts play off the idea that there is some problem that people have going on if they don't feel great all the time and that they need to sign up for these programs to "fix" their problem in order to feel better. Also, some of these services are for the Healer doing the clearing work for you instead of empowering you and teaching you how to help yourself (I understand sometimes that is needed, but a lot of times it creates a dependency adding to the idea that we must search for answers outside of ourselves).

I feel like I'm looking from the outside in wondering why everyone is trying to "fix" everything instead of listening to their deeper inner guidance.

~What if your feeling of being stuck or blocked is your intuition telling you to stop and move in a different direction for awhile (it could be as simple as putting down your work and going for a walk or playing to get your energy flowing again)?

~What if these fears you have coming up over and over are your intuition telling you very clearly what you are trying to do is not in your highest or greatest good right now or ever? Why would you want to push past that instead of listen?

~What if it is as simple as a belief you have adopted that is evoking the fear, which just means what you are thinking isn't true to who you really are? Why not simply change your story?

I've been doing some self-discovery into why I am feeling such disharmony and turned off by these posts, as I am in a similar business of wanting to be of higher service to mankind. And nothing these people are offering are wrong in any way.

I think the other part of what bothers me is the pushiness and neediness that I feel coming off these posts. A lot of the posts feel like they are using fancy words to grab clients with promises that they will somehow be better people and better at life afterwords. Maybe I come across that way too? I hope not. I feel the people posting have a belief that they MUST get clients to be successful and get the money they want and it is that vibration that I pick up on that turns me away.

Sometimes I feel like I am on an island by myself surrounded by the rest of the world. I have so much to offer in terms of showing others how to tune into their own inner knowing and not worry so much about that latest and greatest thing to help you keep pushing yourself in a direction that isn't in complete alignment with your natural state of being. Sometimes I feel distant from people, watching, waiting for someone who wants to visit my island for a bit or stay and discover some deeper truths. Maybe as more people get tired of trying to “fix” their lives and take action to control the things they don’t like, they will notice me off in the distance holding the space for them to see their beauty and be okay as they are.

In the meantime, I discovered that I need much more time off of social media to stay in my alignment and truth. I will not be putting much effort into getting the Facebook algorithms just right or posting a certain amount of a certain type of content when I’m supposed to. Instead I will continue to follow what feels good to me and know that whoever is meant to see my posts will. I love videos so I will surely be doing more of those. I also am feeling called to bring more of my artwork into my healing business and I already have an idea how I can bridge that with technology.

Well I believe that is quite enough rambling on for today!

Love & Light,


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