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  • Lexi Stead

Healing Mother Earth

This post is different from my typical musings.

I have been experiencing my connection to my higher-self opening up and I am getting more information from a metaphysical perspective that I feel compelled to share. Up until now I have kept a bit quiet about the information I intuitively receive as I was still unsure of how the world would receive me, if I was too open and labeled as crazy or too "woo woo". I didn’t feel completely safe to share at a deeper level. It is sad really, when you think about it, how our culture has kept us from living fully in our light by labeling spirituality as something only weirdos and misfits dabble with. My light is getting stronger and brighter and I now feel comfortable about going deeper and sharing another level of connection and loving communication from higher consciousness.

I was listening to a channeled recording from Mother Earth. It lit a spark in the center of my being and as I sat with this new awareness I let it sink in and open me up further to inner knowing and wisdom we have long forgotten. It is time to share these messages. It is time for us to claim our truths and remember how to come back into the joy and freedom we so desire.

I share the wisdom and thoughts I received. I wrote it exactly how it came to me so it is a bit choppy, but I feel it is more powerful this way.

Humans are the caretakers of planet Earth.

Humans are intimately connected to planet Earth, our Mother.

To heal Mother Earth we must first heal ourselves.

Mother Earth responds to our vibrations, to our hearts.

It is about coming down out of our minds and into our hearts.

Our hearts are the heart of Mother Earth.

If we want to heal Mother Earth it is time to connect to our own hearts and listen to what we have been ignoring.

We must ground ourselves in the present moment and start living in more harmony with our bodies, hearts desires and environment.

When we live our truth, and allow ourselves to enjoy life and be creative play, following our desires and inspirations in the present moment, we will naturally feel more love for ourselves, others and the Earth.

We are the connection to healing the planet and once again bringing harmony to the world.

It starts with harmony within ourselves, when we become balanced the world will balance.

There needs to be a natural flow of energy again, a balance of giving and receiving within ourselves, other creatures and the planet.

Enjoying the moment and receiving is energy flowing into our being.

Creative play and giving is energy flowing out from our hearts.

This is how we will become more in tune with the Earth once again.

The present moment truly is where all the power is. In this moment we connect, we feel, we are inspired, we truly are human-BE-ings at home and at one with Mother Earth.

Love & Light,


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