• Lexi Stead

A Page From My Journal: I Want to be Free!

(April 22 2018)

This vlog post is part of the series A Page From My Journal. In this series I read a page out of my personal journal. I take everyone through my process of awakening. I share my musings and struggles to shed light on how we can shift our perspective and move through life with more ease. Vulnerability is a beautiful gateway to awakening our hearts.

In this video I am reading one of my journal entries and talking more in-depth about this topic. This entry is about how as adults we carry our internalized child with us until we consciously engage with that voice, hear it and allow it to move on.

I share one of many of these experiences where my inner child was trying to get my attention.

I want to be free!!!

Often we don't realize the reason we feel stuck in certain areas of our lives or just unable to move forward with something we desire is because of this inner child who adopted a belief long ago that isn't serving us anymore. The inner child also talks to us through aches and pains in our bodies. Being present with ourselves and feeling our way through these old beliefs or emotions is the key to allowing that inner child to be heard and move on.


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