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  • Lexi Stead

Warts? You Mean My Sprinkles!

Our children are often our greatest teachers. They teach us how to play, laugh, live in the present moment and let go....

My daughter, Kya, had 2 warts. One on her forearm and one on her knee. They were about the size of a pea. I never wanted her to have a negative association with warts or “feeling ugly” so I didn’t draw any attention to them and let them be. I had warts when I was a kid and I had them burned, frozen and cut off in response to adults in my life telling me warts were not okay and needed to be removed. I didn’t want my daughter going through that pain and brainwashing.

After about a year she said they were bothering her when they rubbed against her clothing and she wanted them removed. She had her yearly check-up coming up and I suggested she mention them to her doctor and follow her own intuition about what she wanted to do.

During her appointment, the doctor gave her some options: Freezing, burning, injections or apple cider vinegar. Her face twisted in shock and horror.

She said, “I think I will just be okay with the warts for now.”

Later that day she told me she decided she was going to let them just disappear on their own. Then, she turned to me.

“Mom, is that even possible?” she asked.

I full heartedly believe our bodies are amazing and anything is possible. Even though I had not heard of warts ever disappearing on their own I encouraged her to follow her heart and play with her experience and see what happens.

That night her warts were renamed her “sprinkles.” She talked sweetly to her sprinkles as if they were her best friends. She told them how much she loved them and that she was ready for them to move along. After a few days, she forgot about her warts, I mean sprinkles, and went about her life.

About a month later she ran out into the living room excited to show me something. The “sprinkles” on her arms had softened up and shrunk to about half their size. At first, I was surprised, but then I was amazed at how powerful Kya was and knew that if she could love her warts away she could do anything.

It has been 4 months now and her warts are completely gone without a trace. As I washed her hair in the bath she asked if I wanted to play her now favorite guessing game called: Where Were My Sprinkles?

I asked her if she had any words of wisdom to share about her experience with warts and this is what she said:

“Warts are here to annoy you but if you just love them instead of being upset at them and focus on something else, then they don’t have a job so they disappear. I didn’t think of my warts after I loved them so they had no reason to stay around. That is the secret mom. Whatever you focus on gets bigger. Except the cat. No matter how much I love him he will never be as big as a jaguar.”

Love & Light,


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