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  • Lexi Stead

Charity Starts At Home

Charity starts at home.

In other words: Helping yourself first, helps the world.

I often get asked how we can feel better when there is so much negativity in our world and we feel helpless to stop it. What about those of us who don’t feel called to take visible action or fight against what we don’t like, what can we do to feel better ourselves and help the planet?

Charity starts at home.

The power is in the present moment. You will feel helpless and powerless when you focus on things outside your immediate reality and outside this present moment. Many believe we have an obligation to keep up with what is going on in the world. We are never obligated to do anything. The choice is yours. Decide that you will turn off the news and put your attention to things you can appreciate and feel good about. Focus on what is in front of you. The things you can touch, see, smell, feel.... feel the power in that.

From this new place of power and presence you can connect more easily to your intuition. Your intuition will always lead you to a better feeling place, and maybe from that good feeling place you will receive inspired action. That inspired action might look like taking a nap, playing with your kids and pets, or maybe sending money to a charity or making a phone call for a petition. Whatever that inspired action looks like, it comes from a place that feels really good, uplifting, expansive and harmonious. From this place, you will view the world differently and interact with it differently. From this place, you can help the world heal.

We will never truly know all the reasons why unjust, harsh, violent events happen. I believe one reason is to help us open our own hearts to more compassion and love for all. Many countries have a history of being very judgmental and emotionally closed off, cruel to others. It is all coming to light and now we are given the opportunity to connect within where we have been dormant. We get to connect with the grief, anger, fear we have all carried for generations and heal it. Yes, awful things happen on Earth. Yes, we feel the pain of it and yes, it is all okay, even if we don’t like it.

I envision a New Earth where this kind of cruelty doesn’t exist and I am doing what I feel called to do, using my unique gifts I brought with me in this life time to help facilitate this shift. I may not be marching at the capitol, but I am working just as intentionally behind the scenes. We all have gifts we were born with that we wanted to use to shine our light in this world. Now more than ever those of us who have forgotten that special unique part of us, are being awakened to it and coming home to ourselves.

Next time you start to go down the rabbit hole of feeling powerless, hopeless and fearful for things going on outside of your immediate environment, turn off the TV, computer, phone, tablet and go listen to the birds outside. They are enjoying the present moment and rejoicing in song. They will show you the way to heal yourself and the world.

Love & Light,


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