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  • Lexi Stead

Acknowledging Our Inner Light... the Black Lives Matter Movement

I woke up this morning all tingly with excitement.

Nothing gets me more excited than fellow humans waking up to their own worth and speaking out for it.

Nothing delights me more than a person who has every reason to believe they are less than, because of the way society has treated and conditioned them, decide to break through the illusion and acknowledge their power, beauty and light. When you find your inner voice and decide enough is enough, I am more than this, I deserve it and I will have it, magic happens.

As I crawled back in bed after the cat’s 3am feeding, still mostly asleep, I had a desire to see the bigger picture, the higher purpose and outcome metaphysically of the Black Lives Matter movement. So, as I do sometimes, I asked my guidance to show me in a dream/vision and to allow me to remember it when I awake.

Waking up with excitement here is what I saw:

I saw the world as if I was looking at it from space. It was mostly in darkness. Even with the sun shining it was still dark. Then, I saw one light, like the twinkle of a distant star appear on its surface. Then, another and another. The Earth started glittering like it was being sprinkled with diamonds.

Zooming in closer I saw that each star was a human being waking up to their inner light. Waking up to their self-worth, opening their hearts to themselves first and then allowing that light to embrace those around them. Those who felt they were living in the darkest spaces before had the brightest lights, but everyone was waking up. They were forming a grid of connectedness all across the world. The Earth was healing because human beings were healing. Humans were starting to realize that their hearts were connected to each other and to the heart of Mother Earth. This increase in light was causing the planet as a whole to shift from a darker realm into a lighter one so even more people would find it easier to wake up to their own light.

I heard, “Duality is ending. One heart at a time they will come to know their light. They are light and light they shall remain.”

This is what I see happening. You won’t get this kind of information from the news. This is why I feel my voice, now more than ever, is so important, even when I sound like the crazy woo woo girl who is living in a fantasy world preaching love and light for all. I used to care so much what others thought of me, of my words and whether or not I sounded credible, believable. My worst fear was others judging me and calling me crazy, but that was just my child self who was told this by others who didn’t understand themselves. I finally acknowledged this false belief and let it dissolve away, so I could be free to be the pillar of light this world needs.

This is why I talk so much about light and love. It is real and powerful inside each of us, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. We create our reality from the inside out, through our beliefs about ourselves and our world. Some belief systems are so deeply ingrained in a particular group, culture, society it takes the many rather than the few waking up to heal this ancestral pain to start to see a shift in the whole structure.

It is wonderful to open our hearts to help a group of people who have been ignored find their voice, feel loved and supported. It is equally as important that we as individuals of all creeds see our own light as well. Everyone can decide they matter. Everyone can decide it is time to be heard and acknowledged. Start by hearing yourself, your own heart.

How often do we ignore this inner voice?

How often do we have a desire rise up within just to push it down and tell ourselves it doesn’t matter, I don’t matter?

It does matter.

We are all a part of this light grid, every one of us. We are all needed.

I matter.

You matter.

Black lives matter.

All life matters.

Love & Light,


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