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Be the Light, Not the Fight

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

What an experience this morning.

I started out writing a 2 page blog post on a quote I recently heard that I felt I needed to share my perspective on, that there is another way. As I was finishing the edits on it, it disappeared. All that passion from my heart was gone. After a few moments of feeling like I was punched in the gut, because now I couldn't share my truth and feel like I was heard (my moment of minor injustice), I let it go and know it was never meant for anyone but me.

The quote was: "If you are neutral to situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."

Well, I disagree because I have spent the past decade unpacking and healing all of my past rage at injustice so I no longer see others and the world through that filter. I no longer carry that anger, I no longer feel the need to fight. I admit at first when I read this quote, I did feel that pang of "how dare they judge me through their filter. They don't really see me," and then I let it go just as fast because they don't realize they are still doing the very thing they believe they are fighting against. Judgement. Separation. Us vs. them. I am not wanting to be insensitive to others pain because I know how real it is; I also need to share that there is another way.

Where others see injustice, I choose to see love on both sides. I see the pain of not being seen, heard or feeling accepted by the world on both sides, and I send my love there. I care deeply enough about humanity, and have come so far in my own healing, that I now know going into the pain with them does no one any good. Someone has to stay on the outside and hold the love in their hearts. You see I can't fight for anything or anyone and hold the light at the same time. I guess I'm not exactly neutral... I'm for the love and the light.

I am for Union of all life on Earth.

That is my mission here in this life and I take it very seriously.

It pains my heart that people still feel if you choose not to fight or side with their pain, then you must not care and you must be part of the problem. I understand where they are coming from. It was actually emotionally very painful for me when I first decided to put down my feelings of injustice and choose to see the world in a different light. I had to give up the idea that there is a right and a wrong in a world that hammers into us that there is a right and a wrong. It was excruciating, the thought that all those who wronged me in my past were going to get off and not be held accountable because I was giving up the fight. In my own head I held the belief that for people to take me seriously, to feel validated, I had to hold on to my anger and keep fighting until I was acknowledged and situations changed. However, with this belief in injustice all that ever happened was I stayed angry and I saw more and more things to fight against showing up in my reality.

For me, letting it all go and choosing to acknowledge and see my true self, my true purpose here was the answer to true freedom. I now believe this is true for every individual. If you want to experience peace and freedom in your outer world and inner world, then free yourself from these dualistic thoughts and situations that keep us in the resistance and in this hell. If we are all only fighting and putting out that vibration to the world, then how can we possibly expect to see and feel peace and equality? You have to choose to live it before you will see it.

I am aware that some situations are so big and so ugly that many need to physically stand up and say enough. I am not saying everyone should stop taking action. For many action is the right choice, especially when something physical is happening in their own backyard, so to speak. Then, after the action it is time for the inward journey to see how we have contributed to what we are experiencing, to see what pain we are carrying in our own hearts that is wanting to be heard and released. For a lot of us these injustices are not happening in our own backyard and we are watching the news from a distance allowing ourselves to get emotionally sucked in. That is okay, I know many want to be aware of what is going on. All I am saying is after you become aware, instead of feeding off that energy and allowing it to affect your wellbeing, your peace, go inward to your heart and witness the love that you are. If you are triggered emotionally then look at those emotions and ask yourself where this pain is coming from for you and acknowledge that. Allow it to be what it is and allow it to move on and release. The more we choose to heal our inner terrain the more peace and balance we will see in the outside as well. This does have a profound effect on the world globally. The world needs more pillars of light, harmony and love.

Be the light, not the fight.

Love & Light,

Lexi 💜

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