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  • Lexi Stead

"I Can't Breathe"

“I Can’t Breathe”

How can the words of one man be a message and reflection of us all?

We can’t breathe...we aren’t allowing ourselves to breathe.

There are many ways in which we as a world aren’t (and haven’t been for a long time) allowing ourselves to fully breathe in the breath of life.

It has taken the voice of one man and the literal wearing of masks to see these “masks” we have always worn. To awaken to the realization that we can no longer live our lives in lies and illusions, half breathing, half stifling. We want to BREATHE as a society and as individuals, freely, authentically. We want to live our truth, from our hearts.

What are these masks I talk about...behind the literal ones?

Well, some that are right up front and center in our world right now are the masks of hatred, judgement, and separation. We all have things, people, situations in our lives that we don’t like, judge, and keep us from truly opening up our hearts. It doesn’t have to be as big as racism. It can be hating or judging your job, your living situation, your body, financial status, etc...

Wearing the mask of hatred comes in many forms, but it is all the same keeps us from fully breathing, fully loving, fully living.

The other mask that almost everyone wears is the mask of fear. That’s right... it is a mask because fear isn’t real, it is the vibration we hide behind. It is the illusion we have been fed from the moment we were in our mothers’ womb and felt the fear she had about the world and herself. Fear takes many forms in our lives, “not good enough,” “should do more/be more,” “need to get it right,” “what if...” and so on and so on. We stifle the full breath of life with fear. We can’t live our greater truth, which is love, if we are still in fear.

How often have we put massive expectations on ourselves? On others? We all know the crushing pressure of trying to live up to standards and ideas that are far from who we truly are. We pile on huge amounts of work, whether it is from our jobs or making ourselves never ending self-improvement projects. It is time to release the pressure of this weight.

It is time to breathe.

This is what many people don’t understand when us lightworks are speaking about the change happens in us first. Be the change you want to see in the world. If we stop fighting, even for a cause we think is worthy, even for people we love dearly and start opening up our hearts to ourselves, loving ourselves, embracing others with this love, then the world will shift in much bigger, more stable everlasting ways. There won’t be anything left we need to fight against, because we no longer resonate at any vibration other than love.

Look at the areas in your life where you feel you can’t breathe, can’t relax, haven’t been flexible, believe you should be or do better, and let yourself off the hook. Breathe love into those areas. Spend more time in nature. Spend more time hugging others. Spend more time enjoying friends and family... playing, laughing, smiling, creating for fun, breathing...

Breathe life back into those areas and watch as your reality around you relaxes and becomes easier.

Let’s turn:

“I can’t breathe”


“With each deep breath,

I relax more and more into every moment,

opening my heart to the love that I am"

Love & Light,


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